Education Minister out of step with community

Greens (WA) Spokesperson for Education Hon Alison Xamon MLC has today called on the Minister for Education to abandon her ill-conceived cuts to education.

Ms Xamon said that the cuts came while the Minister continued to pursue the hugely unpopular relocation of the International School of Western Australia (ISWA).

“The wide-ranging cuts to public education revealed in December are intended to save around $64 million, and include abolishing WA’s celebrated Schools of the Air (SOTA), cutting gifted and talented programs at 18 schools by 25 percent, and closing Tuart and Canning Colleges to WA students,” Ms Xamon said.

“These cuts will directly impact on the quality of education available to WA students.

“Meanwhile the Government has committed to spending $21.6 million moving ISWA from the City Beach High School site to Doubleview Primary School.

“If the Government will not reopen City Beach High School, there is absolutely no need to spend this money making this site available.

“Spending money relocating a private school flies in the face of the Minister’s claims that her public education cuts are essential, and that they followed her line-by-line analysis of the education budget.”  

Ms Xamon said the sustained public outcry following the announcement of the cuts was reminiscent of the Perth Modern debacle.

“It demonstrates that the Minister for Education remains completely out of step with public opinion,” she said.