3384. Hon Alison Xamon to the minister representing the Minister for Racing and Gaming:

I refer to the design, preparation and monitoring of track conditions at the Cannington, Mandurah and Northam greyhound racing tracks, and I ask:

(a)  what are the design elements in place at these tracks that support greyhound safety while racing;

(b)  what are the technical requirements that the surface of the track needs to meet to be considered safe for greyhound racing;

(c)  what scientific instruments are used to ensure that track shape and surface match the design and safety requirements; and

(d)  how frequently are these measurements undertaken?

Hon Alannah MacTiernan replied:

(a)  Design elements in place at tracks can include aspects such as transition bends, camber and hoop arm lure systems.

(b)  Technical requirements include aspects such as an evenly prepared surface and moist/soft sand, which are inspected by RWWA Stewards.

(c)  Scientific instruments can include weather monitoring equipment, firmness measuring devices and track grading moisture readers.

(d)  These measurements are conducted prior to every race meeting.


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