3387. Hon Alison Xamon to the minister representing the Minister for Racing and Gaming:

I refer to the Racing and Wagering Western Australia Rules of Racing and I ask for the guidelines and/or decision matrix used by the Racing Stewards to determine whether or not a person is of suitable character to own and race greyhounds?

Hon Alannah MacTiernan replied:

Racing and Wagering WesternAustralia (RWWA) has the RWWA Integrity Assurance Committee (IAC) Licensing Policy. See tabled paper which sets out the fit and proper person test. [See tabled paper no 4695. - Hon Alison Xamon — QON No. 3387 — Racing and Wagering Western Australia Integrity Assurance Committee licensing policy  ]

Applications are assessed by RWWA Stewards subject to defined criteria considering the policy and a person antecedent.

The RWWA General Manager Racing Integrity has delegated authority to approve licenses with the IAC determining any applications that are not approved by the General Manager where the individual applies for a hearing.


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