3390. Hon Alison Xamon to the minister representing the Minister for Racing and Gaming:

I refer to the ten per cent increase in greyhound injuries from the 2018–19 financial year to the 2019–20 financial year and I ask the Minister to explain what is being done to reduce the number of injuries?

Hon Alannah MacTiernan replied:

In Financial Year (FY)20 the total number of greyhound starters was 28 473 compared to only 26 590 starters in FY19. Thus, in FY20 there were 1 883 more greyhound starters than in the previous year. Although the absolute number of injury incidents reported saw an increase this was due to an increase in the total number of starters in FY20. When compared as a percentage of total starters, injury rates remain consistent with previous years:

Incident Rate as % of Total starters

Incident Rate as % of Total starters



0–14 days

2.1 2.1

15–59 days

0.6 0.7

60–90 days

0.2 0.2

As part of Racing and Wagering Western Australia’s (RWWA) continuous effort to ensure the highest level of welfare is provided to racing greyhounds in Western Australia at all times, RWWA has engaged Professor David Eager from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) to conduct a review of WA’s three greyhound tracks. The report will assist in identifying track enhancements that may elevate existing standards.


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