2382. Hon Alison Xamon to the Leader of the House representing the Minister for Child Protection; Women’s Interests; Prevention of Family and Domestic Violence; Community Services:

(1)  How many child protection cases are currently under consideration by the Care Plan Review Panel?

(2)  How many cases were under consideration by the Care Plan Review Panel at the same date 12 months ago?

(3)  When did the Care Plan Review Panel last meet?

(4)  How often did the Care Plan Review Panel meet during:

(a)  October to December 2018;

(b)  January to March 2019; and

(c)  April to June 2019?

(5)  Has the review of the operational procedures and guidelines that support the Care Plan Review Panel been completed?

(6)  If yes to (5), will the Minister please table a copy of the review findings?

(7)  If no to (5):

(a)  why not; and

(b)  when is it anticipated the review will be finalised?

(8)  How are relevant people in the child’s life informed that they can ask the Care Plan Review Panel to review a decision?

(9)  Are review request application forms automatically provided to relevant people who receive a copy of the child’s care plan?

(10)  If no to (9):

(a)  why not; and

(b)  where are people able to access a copy of the application form?

(11)  Does the department record whether people are officially advised of their right to request that a Care Plan be reviewed?

(12)  If no to (11), why not?

(13)  If yes to (11), how many people were officially advised in 2018–19?

Hon Sue Ellery replied:

(1)  Five cases as at 23 August.

(2)  There were eight applications pending in August 2018.

(3)  The Panel met for a Hearing on 15 August 2019.

(4)      (a) The Panel held four Hearings.

(b) There were no Hearings held by the Panel.

(c) The Panel held three Hearings.

(5)  Yes, the revised Standing Procedures for the Care Plan Review Panel have been finalised.

(6)  Yes. [See tabled paper no 3027] for a copy of the Standing Procedures. [Tabled paper 3027 - Hon Alison Xamon — QON No. 2382 — Care Plan review panel standing procedures (March 2019)

(7)  Not applicable.

(8)  As soon as practicable after a Care Plan is prepared, reviewed, or modified, the Department of Communities provides a copy of the Care Plan to:

(a)  the child (all Care Plan documents are saved on the child’s history file and provided to the child where age appropriate)

(b)  each parent of the child

(c)  any carer of the child, and

(d)  any other person considered by the Chief Executive Officer to have a direct and significant interest in the wellbeing of the child.

As part of the care planning process, all parties should be provided with a copy of the brochure, Care Plan Review Panel – Requesting a Review, which provides information about the review process.

(9)  Yes, it is expected that the review request application form for the Care Plan Review Panel is provided to relevant people who receive a copy of a child’s Care Plan. Individuals can also contact the Secretariat for the Care Plan Review Panel to request an application form if required. Information on the Care Plan Review Panel is available on Communities’ child protection website.

A review request application which is not made on the application form can be accepted as a valid application, providing it identifies the decision/s to be reviewed and the grounds on which the review is sought. The Secretariat of the Panel can provide assistance to individuals if there are literacy or communication difficulties and organise an interpreter if required.

(10)  Not applicable.

(11)  Yes, information regarding individuals who were advised of their right to request that a care planning decision/s be reviewed is saved in individual case files.

(12)  Not applicable.

(13)  Communities is unable to report on this due to the administrative time it would take to review each individual case file.


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