Resumed from 17 September. The Chair of Committees (Hon Simon O’Brien) in the chair; Hon Alannah MacTiernan (Minister for Regional Development) in charge of the bill.

Comments and speeches from various members

Hon ALISON XAMON: I rise to make some comments about the discussion that is occurring. I have been listening to debate but I would like to indicate from the outset that I would be very concerned at any suggestion that we might be looking at a requirement to increase the bond, remembering that the purpose of the amendment in front of us is to basically protect the lives of children. From a policy perspective, a requirement that would increase the bond—noting that the legislation does not enable it anyway—would effectively discriminate against families with young children. This policy has been well canvassed within the community. For good reason there are already protections against the discrimination of families with children who are seeking a tenancy. I put on the record that requiring an increased bond for that purpose would constitute a discrimination of sorts.

Comments and speeches from various members

Committee interrupted, pursuant to standing orders.


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