3138. Hon Alison Xamon to the Minister for Education and Training:

(1)  How many complaints relating to school staff were received by the Standards and Integrity Directorate in:

(a)  2018–19; and

(b)  2019–20?

(2)  How many of the complaints related to staff conduct towards children with disability or special educational needs for:

(a)  (1)(a); and

(b)  (1)(b)?

(3)  How many of the complaints were unable to be resolved for the complaints from:

(a)  (2)(a); and

(b)  (2)(b)?

Hon Sue Ellery replied:

It is important to note:

several allegations may arise from a single staff misconduct complaint.

no differentiation is made between school staff; that is, staff who work at a school site and other staff who work at business area sites.

all staff misconduct complaints were managed in accordance with the provisions of the Public Sector Management Act 1994 and the principles of Common Law.

(1)      (a) 553

(b) 306

(2)  (a)–(b) When submitting complaints for assessment to the Standards and Integrity Directorate (SID), there is no requirement for staff to disclose or report whether a student involved has a disability; however, SID received 23 misconduct complaints about staff during the 2018–19 financial year that could be identified as involving a student with a disability, and 25 during the 2019–20 financial year.

(3)  (a)–(b) All 48 staff misconduct complaints received by SID were either managed through formal investigation, centrally or referred for Local Improvement Management action with central oversight if assessed as suitable to do so. All complaints were resolved.


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