Greener North Metro

Greening North Metro – as part of a plan to green Perth as a whole – will provide enormous health and economic benefits by keeping our neighbourhoods cooler and creating a more liveable city. Since the colonisation of the Swan River plain, more than 75% of the bushland and wetlands have been destroyed. As Perth’s population has expanded, Perth has experienced rapid and uncoordinated growth that has resulted in the dramatic loss of much of our precious natural habitats.

Our remaining natural areas in North Metro and across the metropolitan area are home to many of WA’s iconic and endangered species, including the Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo.

It is estimated that by 2050 Perth’s population will reach 3.5 million. As we face the challenges of population growth, climate change and biodiversity loss, we must find ways to incorporate nature back into our city. As well as habitat for our precious native wildlife, access to green spaces within our cities has an overwhelmingly positive impact on community mental health.

Alison will always push for best environmental practice in proposed development, and advocate to save what little green space we have left.