Resumed from 19 February. The Deputy Chair of Committees (Hon Robin Chapple) in the chair; Hon Sue Ellery (Leader of the House) in charge of the bill.

Comments and speeches from various members


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Comments and speeches from various members

Hon ALISON XAMON: I indicate that I will be giving this amendment the support it warrants—that is, none at all. Nor will I be supporting the next amendment either. I was glad to hear the government’s response that it will not be supporting these amendments for precisely the reasons that have already been articulated by the minister. But I do take the point from Hon Michael Mischin and Hon Nick Goiran that in opposition the current Attorney General did, of course, make the same sort of vocal comments as are currently being made by members of the opposition. Nevertheless, the Greens have consistently held the view that we do not support measures to make what is already a terrible bill even worse and as such there will be no support coming from us for either of the proposed amendments.

Comments and speeches from various members


Amendment put and a division taken, the Deputy Chair (Hon Matthew Swinbourn) casting his vote with the noes, with the following result —

Ayes (15)

Noes (16)

Amendment thus negatived.

Comments and speeches from various members

Progress reported and leave granted to sit again, on motion by Hon Sue Ellery (Leader of the House).


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