Individuals working with vulnerable clients must have immediate access to PPE

Greens spokesperson for Community Services Hon Alison Xamon MLC has called on the Government to ensure that community workers caring for vulnerable people have immediate access to personal protective equipment (PPE) as the country grapples with the coronavirus crisis.

Hon Xamon said she was very concerned at reports that employees providing essential personal care supports to seniors and people with disability were not being given access to masks, gloves and other PPE.

"These staff perform crucial work and do not have the option to self-isolate – or maintain the advised safe physical distance," said Hon Xamon.

She said she was concerned workers were not being adequately protected, which, in turn, placed vulnerable people a risk from the virus.

“For many support workers, it is impossible to maintain a safe distance from the people they are caring for,” Hon Xamon said.

“It is therefore vital – and urgent – that this cohort of workers have access to PPE, including masks and gloves.

“It is crucial that care homes and other residential facilities which house seniors and people with disability are adequately stocked with supplies like soap and hand sanitiser.

“This is a very frightening time for all Western Australians, but particularly for those who must still attend work.

“We must ensure that workers feel safe to continue with their important work - and that the lives of vulnerable individuals are adequately protected.”



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