More services for Trans kids needed to halt suicide rate: Greens

The Greens have today called for more investment in services for Trans children following disturbing research undertaken by the Telethon Kids Institute which found that 50% of Trans kids had attempted suicide at least once.
Greens spokesperson for Mental Health said the research made for sobering reading.
“On every measure for mental health and risk of suicide Trans children were identified at being at significant risk,” Ms Xamon said.
“Considering how vile and transphobic the current ads opposing marriage equality are proving to be it is clear that now is the time we need to ensure the urgent wellbeing of our Trans children is upheld.
Ms Xamon said the research identified one of the key reasons for compromised mental health wellbeing was the ongoing discrimination and lack of acceptance experienced by Trans children by the community.
“This is one of the key reasons that important programs like Safe Schools were created in the first place – to raise awareness of the needs of Trans people and to encourage respect and inclusion within our schools and the broader community,” she said.
“We also need to urgently re-evaluate the amount of funding which is being made available to programs such as the PMH Gender Diversity Clinic which simply cannot meet up with the demand for their services.  

“Considering how at risk these children are, this can never be acceptable.
“The research also found that an important part of the solution was better education of our clinicians and in particular our GP’s.  

“Any area of investment in education front line clinical services will always reap rewards both in terms of long term costs to health but also to the wellbeing of Trans children.”