Second Reading

Resumed from 8 May.

[Speeches and comments from various members]

HON DIANE EVERS (South West) [5.25 pm]: I rise today as the lead speaker for the Greens on the Pay-roll Tax Assessment Amendment (Exemption for Trainees) Bill 2018. ………………….

[Speeches and comments from various members]

HON ALISON XAMON (North Metropolitan) [6.18 pm]: I also rise to make some comments in support of this legislation. As my colleague Hon Diane Evers has already indicated, the Greens will be supporting this legislation and there are a number of reasons for wanting to do that. The first thing I have to say is that it is disappointing that the federal government has decided not to meet what I believe are its obligations to the training sector. I wonder whether we would even be here discussing this legislation if we were not looking at the sorts of cuts that have come courtesy of the federal government.

It seems that there is consensus within this chamber on some fundamental principles. Firstly, there is clearly an agreement amongst all parties about the need for ongoing training, recognising the many reasons we need to ensure training is ongoing throughout people’s careers, not the least of which is the impact of industry disruption and changes that occur within industries themselves. We want to ensure that employees have the opportunity to undertake career changes and progressions. We also want to encourage promotion opportunities for employees within organisations. It is critical for employees, employers and, I would suggest, the community more broadly, that we ensure that people keep their skills and their knowledge of industries current.

Debate adjourned, pursuant to standing orders.


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