Animal Welfare


HON ALISON XAMON (North Metropolitan) [9.54 pm]: During the dinner break, I was very pleased to host Guide Dogs WA at the Western Australian Parliament. I thank the Presiding Officers for allowing the function to proceed. We had hoped to do that earlier in the year, but we were unable to do that due to the COVID restrictions. Therefore, I was very pleased that we were able to do that today.

Advocating for a ban on cage egg production

The Australian industry for egg and poultry production continues to prioritise profits over animal welfare. 

Billions of chickens across Australia live short and miserable lives in tiny cages or crowded buildings where they never see the light of day. Beaks are ground or cut, causing much pain, and day old male chicks are pulverised alive. Those who survive are forced to share a perch with tens of thousands of others in an unnatural, crowded and stressful environment.

Alison and the Greens support ending intensive factory farming where cruelty is common and inevitable.


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