Animal Welfare


3077. Hon Alison Xamon to the Minister for Agriculture and Food:

I refer to the revelations of animal abuse on Western Australian cattle farms exposed in a December 2019 broadcast and the Minister’s announcement that action would be taken by Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) in the pastoral region to enhance animal welfare outcomes by improving the response capacity of the Department’s Livestock Compliance officers, and I ask:


HON ALISON XAMON (North Metropolitan) [9.53 pm]: Today, of course, we had another Melbourne Cup, and we saw another horse killed. This year’s death was Anthony Van Dyck, an Irish horse, who was taken from the track in an ambulance after his fetlock was fractured during the race. It makes for pretty awful viewing. Of course, as a result, the horse had to later be euthanased. Last year Rostropovich’s pelvis was fractured during the Melbourne Cup but luckily—if we can call it luck—the effort was made to save him.


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