Fair and Transparent Government

The need to protect whistleblowers

Whistleblowing and the protection of whistle-blowers is central to robust and effective regulatory systems. They are vital to ensuring integrity, good governance, freedom from corruption and essential to underpinning ethical behaviour within organisations.

Contrary to the common myth that many whistle-blowers’ claims are unsubstantiated; research has shown 63% of cases result in positive organisational change. Only 1% take their concerns directly to the media, with the majority going through internal processes.

Model Litigant Guidelines needed

Model Litigant Guidelines impose a duty on Governments and Government agencies, including agencies such as the Corruption and Crime Commission, to act honestly, fairly, properly and to the highest standards. The guidelines arise from the recognition that the state has significant power and resources, including statutory powers to investigate and compel people to provide evidence.


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