Fair and Transparent Government


HON PETER COLLIER (North Metropolitan — Leader of the Opposition) [1.45 pm]: I move —

That Hon Sue Ellery, Leader of the Government in the Legislative Council, be ordered, and is hereby so ordered, to lay on the table of the house not later than seven days from the day on which this order is made, on behalf of the government of Western Australia, the information and documents described below, and that such documents be tabled without excision, alteration or defacement —


HON TJORN SIBMA (North Metropolitan) [10.18 am] — without notice: I move —

That this house urges the McGowan government to —

(a)  justify why and on what grounds it has abandoned a COVID-19 suppression strategy in favour of an elimination strategy;

(b)  regularly publish official information, including public health information, underpinning all of its major COVID-19 decisions;


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