Prevention of Family and Domestic Violence

Family and domestic violence is a major cause of death, injury and suffering in the community. Nationally, one in four Australian women have experienced physical or sexual violence by an intimate partner. Western Australia has the second highest rate of reported physical and sexual violence perpetrated against women in Australia, second only to the Northern Territory. Family and domestic violence is an issue that primarily affects women and children, although it is certainly not limited to them.

Alison and the Greens recognise the overwhelming importance of this issue and are committed to identifying and eliminating the causes of domestic violence. More work needs to be done to change community attitudes about domestic violence, so that violence and abuse are no longer justified or accepted.

Alison will continue to advocate for comprehensive provision of domestic violence prevention, intervention, safety and support services, including services specifically for vulnerable groups, and people living in rural and remote areas of Western Australia. She will continue to push back against Government cuts to FDV services, particularly at a time when demand is growing.  

Together we can create a community where all Western Australians can live free from harassment, fear, violence and abuse in families and intimate relationships.

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