3070. Hon Alison Xamon to the Leader of the House representing the Attorney General:

(1)  How many open coronial cases are there currently?

(2)  Of the cases from (a), how many have been open for:

(a) less than six months;
(b) between six and twelve months; (c) between 12 and 18 months;
(d) between 18 and 24 months;
(e) more than 24 months;
(f) between 24 and 36 months; and (g) longer than 36 months?

(3)  How long have each of the cases from (2)(g) been open?

(4)  For cases waiting longer than 12 months:

(a)  how many are awaiting reports from external agencies;

(b)  in relation to (4)(a):

(i)  what is the longest case time and what is the reason for the delay in the external agency providing its report; and

(ii)  what is the average report time for each of the following external agencies:

(A)  Western Australia Police;

(B)  PathWest;

(C)  ChemCentre; and

(D)  individual medical practitioners;

(c)  how many are inquest cases;

(d)  how many are deaths in custody;

(e)  how many are awaiting judicial review and determination; and

(f)  how many are suspected suicides?

Hon Sue Ellery replied:

(1)  2348

(2)       (a) 1219

(b)  589

(c)  252

(d)  111

(e)  177

(f)  92

(g)  85

(3)  There are 85 cases ranging from 36 months to 215 months in age. The oldest group of cases that exceed 60 months are predominantly cold case murder cases that are pending and delayed awaiting Police investigation.

(a) 32

(b)      (i) 215 months, with this case being unidentified bones in the South Hedland Coronial Jurisdiction.

(ii)      (A) 25.6 months

(B) 25.6 months

(c) 118

(d)  38

(e)  11

(f)  25


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