Comments and speeches from various members

Hon NICK GOIRAN: I move —

Page 3, line 4 — To insert after “person’s” ––


Comments and speeches from various members

Hon ALISON XAMON: I have some sympathy for the policy intent behind why the honourable member may have moved this amendment. As I understand it, the honourable member is trying to ensure that people who hold themselves out to be health practitioners are indeed health practitioners and not merely people claiming that title. My concern is that we have to think about this legislation within the parameters of our health system. The reality is that despite the urging of a number of health practitioner groups, we do not have registration schemes for a range of recognised health practitioners within the health system. As such, it is very difficult to support this amendment simply because our health regime does not support what I think would be the policy intent behind what the honourable member is trying to achieve, which, as I said, I have significant sympathy for. It is important for members to be aware that because we have not kept pace with those registration schemes, this amendment could have the unintended consequence of excluding important health relationships that a patient may already have.

Comments and speeches from various members

The CHAIR: Members, noting the time, and at this cliffhanger moment, I must report progress.

Progress reported and leave granted to sit again, pursuant to standing orders.


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