Greens welcome expungement process for historical homosexual offences: Not before time!

Greens spokesperson for Sexuality and Gender Identity Hon Alison Xamon MLC has welcomed today's apology from the Government to men convicted historically convicted of homosexual offences - saying it is long overdue and an important step forward. 

"The Greens have always stood for equal rights for LGBTI+ people – freedom of sexuality is a fundamental human right," Ms Xamon said. 

"This is a move that the Greens have called for, for a long time.  

"It’s about time that WA follows the lead of other states in starting the expungement process." 

Ms Xamon said making homosexuality illegal was state sanctioned discrimination, which resulted in deep distress and harm.

She said convictions had affected people's job prospects, overseas travel and required disclosure over and over again.

"Let’s hope this apology and legislation is a precursor to further removing discrimination against same sex couples," Ms Xamon said. 

"I hope we will take another step towards true equality through a resounding 'Yes' result  in the Marriage Equality postal survey.

"Acceptance and celebration of people of diverse sexuality are essential for genuine social justice and equality."